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Amazon.Com is almost its own little shopping world. 

Company Name
Category Books
Web Debut 1996
Payment Type Credit Card
Number of Items 300,000 books
Shopping Cart Yes
Secure Server Yes
Customer Support Yes

AWARD FOR THIS SITE organizes its books in a easy to use directory. This is a strong point of this site. It also lets you search for books. has a whole Help Center devoted to your many questions including shipping costs.
"Life and Times of  a Peanut" as presented by Reviews

The undisputed king of internet commerce or is it?


Amazon.Com is the leader in book sales over the world wide web and Internet. It has earned a reputation as the best. We are here to put that reputation to the test.

The Facts

  • Search able book database
  • #1 bookstore on the Internet
  • Directory for just about every subject you could think of
  • User Friendly Site for experienced and non experienced internet users
  • Great Affiliate Program for Web masters
  • Secure server makes ordering safe and easy
The Site
One of the simpler to navigate sites on the internet, Amazon set the standard for e-commerce. The whole site is the of the internet Business world with its hundreds of book directories. This is not a site though that you can spend 40 hours in, it is like a store in the mall, you go in get what you want and leave. The best part of the overall site is the the fact that it is so complete. For example we went on and searched the following word ..peanut...
these were the results
  • Peanut Butter and Jelly : A Play Rhyme -- Nadine Bernard Westcott(Illustrator); Paperback
  • Life and Times of the Peanut -- Charles Micucci; School & Library Binding

  • From Peanuts to Peanut Butter -- Melvin Berger; Paperback
  has a book for everyone, and that is there customer, everyone on the internet.

    The Price and Products is also one of the most price conscience of online stores. Regularly giving 40% off on best selling titles. Lets look at one of our search results from "peanut" The life and Times of the Peanut.
    List Price:$16.00
    Our Price: $14.40
    You Save:$1.60 (10%)

    Reading level: Ages 9-12
    School & Library Binding - 32 pages (April 1997) 
    Houghton Mifflin Co (Juv); ISBN: 0395722896 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.44 x 9.35 x 9.57 Sales Rank: 208,166 
    Avg. Customer Review:
    Number of Reviews: 1

    As I stated earlier is a definite plain Jane of internet design. If your looking for design go check out, if you want to buy a book come here. Most of the time I believe content rules the halls and I have to agree here. There's just so much text in that it would be hard to make it graphically heavy and let it be pleasing to the eye. Once again lets reference our friend The Life and Times of A Peanut for a picture of the book as provided by 

    Well its not hard to realize what makes the internet shopping experience a little different then your local shopping mall experience. Besides the annoying people walking on the wrong side of the aisles right in front of you, its having to fill out some paper, give them your name, sit around and pray you get your stuff and that no one steals your credit card #. So what can do for you? Well Amazon has your standard "shopping cart". Which is a virtual box that your stuff is put in, in the computers mind. you keep clicking "add to cart" and when your done and you click "proceed to checkout" you are done. Now once there your items will pop up in a list, and you can change the quantity that you want. This is very convenient with Once there if you are a first time customer you have to sign up or get registered, once you do this once you never have to do it again, it saves your name. You do have to enter your credit card online but has one of the most trusted encrypted (secure) servers in the industry. Plus when you come back the next time it will remember your credit card also. Amazon is one of the safest and the easiest places to deal with.

    Overall Assessment
    Hands down. This is the best book seller on the net! Why? Well because it represents all that the internet is. Although other sites may compete they can never take the smirk off of's face. They made internet commerce something to be proud of. is a trendsetter that just keeps on setting new standards in this industry. 


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One of the best in the business when it comes to easy navigation and even easier purchasing. This site puts the power in your hands.
It isn't beautiful but it certainly has a ton of content.
The prices are outstanding and delivery is excellent.
One of the best , if not the best in the internet world.
This site is so helpful I am surprised it doesn't help you with other sites too.

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